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Climate YES! Training Project 

Are you between 18-30 years old and interested in helping other youth understand complex climate issues in an innovative and engaging way? Consider applying to the Climate YES! (Youth Engagement Strategy) Training Project today! 

Climate YES! is a project designed to engage young people across the country in learning about climate change, by youth, for youth. 

30 participants will be put into small teams based on their climate-related interests to research and write a brief, which will be reviewed by experts in the field. Participants will then participate in a workshop focused on creating Bytes, mini-courses that allow learners to consume content in under 10 minutes. 

Here are some example Bytes you can check out on 6 ways to talk about climate change and 7 things people get wrong about climate change

Once the Byte has been created, participants will then work together to design and deliver a marketing campaign so their Byte can be experienced by young people across the country.  

Why apply to Climate YES!? 
  • Take a deep dive on a climate issue you are passionate about 

  • Learn how to take complex climate concepts and turn them into easily-digestible and appealing content 

  • Develop your skells in marketing and communications for a specific audience 

  • Work with other diverse young climate leaders from across the country 

Important Dates: 
  • July 4, 2023 - Application opens 

  • July 30, 2023- Application closes

  • August 2, 2023- Successful candidates notified 

  • August 9, 2023- Kickoff meeting 

  • Early November 2023- Bytes creation workshop 

  • Mid-December 2023- Training complete!

This training will take place virtually, and successful participants will receive a LinkedIn badge upon completion. A small honorarium will be available upon request to help offset costs that pose a barrier to participation. 

Applications close at 8pm EST on July 30th, so apply today! 

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