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Welcome to Generation Climate!

We are a youth-driven initiative focused on building factual awareness about, and solutions to, climate change. We are working with youth across the country in rural and suburban areas to combat climate change misinformation in their communities and online through thousands of face-to-face conversations, online trainings, and establishing and supporting local climate action projects.

In the last two years, we have had nearly 270,000 conversations about climate change with young people across the country, and thousands have committed to taking climate action. Over 1,000 young people have been trained in climate science, policy and action, and dozens are supporting climate action in their community or starting their own climate projects.

Image of first climate training workshop

Organizers Tehreem, Kara, Ben and Dayne at the end of their training.

Tehreem has climate conversations with a group of students at the University of Waterloo.

Canvassing 1.png

Learn and Take Action

While the majority of Canadians believe in, and have some level of concern about, climate change, there is a lot of false information (or misinformation) out there about climate change that is slowing progress on action.

Want to learn more about climate change but are not sure where to start?


Check out our climate Bytes, microlearning you can do on your phone in under 9 minutes.


Did you know that YOU are the best advocate on climate change to your friends, colleagues and family? Sometimes, talking about climate change can feel difficult or overwhelming. We’ve created several Bytes that will help you find ways to talk about climate with even the crankiest climate-denying relatives:

Image: Taking signatures for the Climate Pledge

Randi with her pledge clipboard in front of a transit hub at Conestoga College. 

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